what is podcasting?

I’m still often asked what a podcast is. Frankly, it’s a question I tire of. I may be a social media geek, but really: this stuff is quite mainstream now. It’s one of those things where consumers are ahead of publishers. Many ordinary people are accessing media when, where, and how they want. Some publishers are making an effort to keep up. Some, well, don’t know what a podcast is.
It’s a question that podcasting consultant and friend of the show Leesa Barnes also tires of. So, if you’re still confused, rather than listen to me complaining, why not watch her video explaining it all using the example of the talk show diva?

This video is interesting not only for its explanation of podcasting, but also for the way it promotes her book Podcasting for Profit – by providing some genuinely useful content that relates to it.
So, now you know what a podcast is, how might you use one? Here are a few quick ideas:

  1. You don’t have to make a never-ending chore of podcasting. How about a limited run of, say, 4-6 shows leading up to a major product launch?
  2. Do a podcast that relates to a specific book – e.g. Flying Startups
  3. Do a podcast that is built around a more general subject area that enables you to promote your books in that area – e.g. Foreword Thinking
  4. Get your authors involved. Give them a hand-held recording device. Many of the best book podcasts are currently produced by enthusiastic authors themselves. All you need to do is facilitate the process, spark the idea, and help them out with some post-production and marketing.

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Jon Reed

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4 thoughts on “what is podcasting?

  • Thanks for an inspiring thought. I’ve been struggling with how to enrich the content on my blog beyond simple links and images, but had wondered how to proceed.
    I have recently been conducting some depth interviews to research industry feedback on the course I teach at City Univeristy (Book Marketing module on the MA in Publishing Studies). I had started to think about using some of the contacts made to do a talking heads on particular topics I won’t have time to cover in the teaching sessions.
    This makes me think that the handheld digital recorder I used for the interviews, could easily be marshalled for a podcast Q&A. Will keep you posted as I’d appreciate any feedback once posted.

  • […] An interesting article/video surrounding how to use podcasting in coordination with books. I’d skip the video probably. there’s some interesting stuff towards the middle. […]

  • Thanks, Leesa – glad the video has been so successful; I shall look forward to the next ones! I do think video is really going to take off as a way of promoting books next year – and is something I shall be doing a lot more with myself.

  • Excellent ideas, Jon. And I’m glad you noticed the tactic I’m using to promote my own book. Seems like it’s working. Since launching the video on YouTube, my list has grown 32%. I’m releasing a few other videos over the coming weeks, so I’ll report more numbers to you in the next couple months.

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