MASTERCLASS: How to Write a Bestseller – with Jacq Burns

How to Write a Bestseller - with Jacq Burns

Join literary agent and author of ‘Write a Bestseller’ Jacq Burns, and find out what it takes to become a bestselling author.

This masterclass was live on 09 Dec 2021. It will soon be available on demand to Publishing Talk members.

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How to Write a Bestseller – with Jacq Burns

Want to be a bestseller? Let industry insider Jacq Burns show you how.

There’s no magic formula for writing a bestseller – but there are secrets, skills and techniques that will dramatically improve your odds of publishing a bestselling novel, memoir or non-fiction book.

A former publisher and now an agent and author herself, Jacq Burns knows what it takes – and how to get there.

What we will cover:

  • What makes a bestseller
  • How to work with audience, category and genre
  • What catches the attention of readers
  • Planning, writing and revising your book
  • Pitching and selling your work.

Workshop includes:

  • Valuable insights, tips and advice from Jacq Burns
  • Your chance to ask Jacq anything about writing a bestseller – and getting it published
  • A PDF resource
  • Access to a video replay of the event.

About Jacq Burns

Write a Bestseller by Jacq BurnsJacq Burns was commissioning editor at Random House and Editorial Director at Harper Collins, where she edited classics such as Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus, Who Moved My Cheese, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Toddler Taming – which have sold millions of copies.

Jacq is the author of Write a Bestseller, published by Hodder, and a bestselling series of successful books for Random House, under a pseudonym. She has also ghostwritten a number of well-known titles.

She is also co-founder of The London Writers Club, and a literary agent. Find out more at and

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This masterclass was live on 09 Dec 2021. It will soon be available on demand to Publishing Talk members.

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One thought on “MASTERCLASS: How to Write a Bestseller – with Jacq Burns

  • Sonya Barker

    Thank you so much to Jacq and Jon for a brilliant session that was bursting at the seams with valuable advice. Jacq’s key point, to focus on the premise of your book before anything else, was so simple yet so profound. It really helps to know that you don’t have to get too caught up with plot or how good your writing is, at least to begin with. You just need to know at a deep level what your book is actually about, and allow that to guide you – the rest can follow. I now feel motivated, and much better equipped, to return to the novel I started writing earlier in the year and complete that first draft!

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