MASTERCLASS: How to Create a Setting – with Liz Fenwick

How to Create a Setting - with Liz Fenwick

Award-winning author Liz Fenwick shows you how to use setting as a character and to transport your reader to a place and time.

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How to Create a Setting – with Liz Fenwick

Have you read a book where you felt the wind, tasted the air, and shivered with the protagonist? Learn how to use the setting to breathe life and an extra dimension into your stories. Discover tools to bring your location alive.

Liz Fenwick, according to The Guardian is ‘the queen of the Cornish contemporary novel’, and has used location as her brand. Her books are immersed in Cornwall past and present. How does she make this happen?

How do you create a setting? How does setting work in a novel? Is it more than just a mark on the map?

What we will cover:

  • How setting is not just description
  • How to use the physical world as a way to open up your characters’ thoughts
  • How to visualize your setting to build your world – and story
  • Why setting isn’t just a place on the map but also time – both historical and seasonal
  • How setting impacts a character – physically and mentally

Workshop includes:

  • Valuable insights, practical tips and inspiring advice from Liz Fenwick
  • Your chance to ask Liz anything about writing
  • A one-page PDF download with additional tips
  • Access to a video replay of the event
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About Liz Fenwick

‘The queen of the Cornish contemporary novel’ – The Guardian

Liz Fenwick was born in Massachusetts and after 10 international moves she’s back in the UK with her husband and two mad cats. She made her first trip to Cornwall in 1989 and bought her home there seven years later. She’s a bit of a global nomad, but her heart forever remains in Cornwall.

Liz is the author of eight previous novels set in Cornwall: The Cornish House, A Cornish Affair, A Cornish Stranger, Under a Cornish Sky, A Cornish Christmas Carol, The Returning Tide, One Cornish Summer and The Path to the Sea.

For more information visit, or find her on Twitter or Instagram at @liz_fenwick – where you can follow her regular #PlotWalk!

The River Between Us by Liz FenwickAbout The River Between Us

‘Wonderfully evocative’ – Judy Finnigan

The Tamar river has divided Devon and Cornwall for centuries, but it’s also divided families, friends and lovers. The River Between Us is Liz Fenwick’s ninth novel set in Cornwall. It tells the story of a family torn apart during World War One, and how a woman who arrives to renovate a tumbledown cottage nearly a century later unravels a mystery, which has been concealed for generations.

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Liz Fenwick

Liz Fenwick, novelist, expat, wife and mother lives in London and Cornwall. Her début novel The Cornish House published in May 2012. She has since written A Cornish Affair, A Cornish Stranger, The Returning Tide and The Path to the Sea. Find her at and, or follow her on Twitter at @liz_fenwick.