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MASTERCLASS: How to Perfect Your Submission to Agents and Publishers – with Scott Pack

Want to get a literary agent? If you want to get traditionally published, you need to submit a compelling book proposal. This masterclass with Scott Pack will teach you step-by-step how to perfect your submission.


Available on demand to Publishing Talk members.

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How to Get a Literary Agent

How to Perfect Your Submission, with Scott PackWant to get a literary agent – and a publishing deal? You need a winning strategy, a compelling synopsis and a killer cover letter!

Scott Pack’s popular Publishing Talk Masterclass on how to perfect your submission to agents and publishers is now available on demand.

Get practical, no-nonsense advice on submitting your book proposal to agents and publishers from veteran publisher Scott Pack on this essential masterclass for new authors.

If you follow the step-by-step advice in this class, you will significantly increase your chances of success. Most authors DON’T – so you’ll already be ahead of the game!

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What you will learn

On this masterclass, you’ll learn how to get an agent – so you can get a publishing deal. Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, this class offers straightforward advice on how to give your submission the best chance of success.

You’ll learn how to find a list of literary agents, identify the right agent or publisher to submit to, write a killer synopsis and cover letter – and avoid the pitfalls so many aspiring authors fall into. Plus, for those brave enough to share their pitches, there’ll be a chance to receive a live critique during the session.

How to Submit to Agents and Publishers

What we will cover:

  • How to research agents and publishers – and identify the right ones for you
  • How to write a cover letter that will ensure your pitch and synopsis get read
  • How to put together an enticing submission package
  • The secrets to writing a good synopsis
  • The differences between submitting fiction v. non-fiction
  • How to get a literary agent.

Workshop includes:

Scott Pack - Tips from a Publisher

About Scott Pack

Scott Pack was head of buying at the Waterstones book chain before spending several years as a publisher at HarperCollins, acquiring and editing numerous bestsellers and award-winning books.

He is now a freelance editor and university lecturer, and hosts many writing workshops and classes.

Scott is also the author of two essential guides for authors: a short ebook, How to Perfect Your Submission; and Tips from a Publisher: A Guide to Writing, Editing, Submitting and Publishing Your Book (Eye Books, 2019), which is also available in the Publishing Talk Bookshop, which helps support local, independent bookshops in the UK.

About the Publishing Talk Masterclasses

Our online masterclasses are talks, interviews, seminars and workshops from successful authors, publishers, agents and industry experts designed to help you fulfil your potential as an author. Find out more on our masterclasses page.

This masterclass is available now, on demand, to Publishing Talk members.

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Jon Reed

Jon Reed is a content writer, author, screenwriter, lecturer, blogger - and the founder of Publishing Talk. He was previously a publisher for 10 years. Publishing Talk aims to help new and emerging authors write, publish and sell books. Advice is available via the blog and our masterclasses and membership programme. More...

2 thoughts on “MASTERCLASS: How to Perfect Your Submission to Agents and Publishers – with Scott Pack

  • Julie Allen

    The term ‘Masterclass’ is rather over-used but I think the term does apply to ‘How to Perfect your Submission to Agents and Publishers’ with Scott Pack. He offered so much practical advice. I had been struggling with my synopsis and his advice for it to be straightforward and unemotional was really helpful. I really enjoyed his directness and irreverence and I got a sense of how to enjoy the slog of finding an agent or publisher rather than dreading it. Bring on the rejections – every no will get me closer to a yes!

  • Connie Mulqueen

    I attended the Masterclass on ‘How to Perfect your Submission to Agents and Publishers’ given by Scott Pack and found it to be full of practical advice and useful tips in how to construct a Query Letter, incl. the pitch and synopsis. I would highly recommend it to any authors with a completed or nearly completed manuscript. It was great too to be able to engage, virtually, with other authors to feel less isolated.

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