Ben Galley


From fantasy to reality – how Ben Galley became a successful self-publishing authorpreneur

Ben Galley is the self-published fantasy author of The Emaneska Series. Zealous about inspiring other authors and writers, he also runs the popular advice site Shelf Help, and is the co-founder of ebook store Libiro. Ben became a successful full-time ‘authorpreneur’ at the age of 26 and within a few years of publishing his first book. Jon Reed asks him how he did it.

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Publishing Talk Magazine issue 5 – Science Fiction

In our science fiction and fantasy themed issue ‘High Priestess of British Steampunk’ Liesel Schwarz reveals her path to publication, while self-published fantasy author Ben Galley reveals how he became a successful ‘authorpreneur’. This issue also features Matthew de Abaitua, Keith Mansfield, Alastair Horne, Anna Lewis, Nelle Andrew, Tom Evans and Suzanne Collier.

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