Celebrity Big Book Club – Day 14

So has TV Book Club combined formats with Celebrity Big Brother now? Do we get to evict one each week?
If so, judging by this evening’s Twitter comments, it seems a popular move. But it’s not just the Gok-shaped gap on the sofa that improved things this week. It was having fewer presenters discussing the chosen book more enthusiastically – and being allowed the time to do so.
The first two shows were pre-recorded back-to-back, so this is the first chance they’ve had to respond to feedback. And they have. Nathaniel was great, and Laila was allowed to get a word in. This week’s celebrity guest, Emilia Fox, was there to join in the discussion (which she did – well) rather than plug her memoir. The discussion was more informed and focused on the chosen book.
It also seemed more – well – relaxed. Is that because they’re finding their feet? Or because, following last week’s reported anti-Richard & Judy Effect when book choice sales actually dipped – the weight of sales expectation has been lifted? If so, it’s no bad thing if that allows them to focus on making a good show. A repeat of R&J-volume sales of yesteryear is unlikely in today’s fragmented media world, even with a great show. But if they keep listening to the readers and viewers, this show now has at least the potential to increase book sales and promote reading. Let’s wait and see. But let’s not work ourselves up into the Amanda-Ross-or-bust frenzy we did a few years ago – m’kay?
Meanwhile, a number of Twitter folk have suggested that there are still too many cooks spoiling the books on this show. If you’re one of them, get those nominations in for the next celebrity evictee. Who goes? You decide.
Did you see the TV Book Club? Let us know what you thought.

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Jon Reed

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One thought on “Celebrity Big Book Club – Day 14

  • 1st February 2010 at 10:15 am

    I love Jo Brand, but I’m afraid that she should be the next to go – her negative reactions are killing the conversation.
    I never thought I’d say this after watching the first episode, but Laila was wonderful last night. If I had control of the show I’d keep just Laila and Nathaniel. The discussion flows much easier with less people and having just two worked for Richard and Judy!

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