London Book Trade Tweetups? There's a Facebook group for that.

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Twenty-five of you? One of me? I make that Pimms o’clock!

What could be nicer than a summer’s evening with a couple of dozen book trade tweeters, a vast picnic spread and lashings of Pimms and champagne? #booktwicnic, the latest London book trade tweetup, took place on Thursday evening in Regent’s Park, attended by the usual mix book trade folk. The best bit was the lock-in – a literal one, due to outstaying our welcome in the Park – resulting in some undignified clambering over the railings to get out. We were just having so much fun we didn’t notice the sun going down…
The early bird catches the Pimms! #booktwicnic  on TwitpicThanks to Elizabeth Jenner (aka @MissCellany) for organizing, and to Toby Rhind-Tutt for taking the photographs, which you can see on his Twitpic page.
There’s now also another way to find the photos and keep up with the proliferation of London-based book trade tweetups: a new Facebook group! Hopefully this will also be useful for those who spend all their time on Facebook instead of Twitter. Or who (horror) are not even on Twitter. Based on the fact that there has now been a London book trade tweetup every two months since December 2009, I expect the next one will be in August. Watch this space for details.
And if you’re in another part of the world, why not start your own book trade tweetups? Let us know, and we’ll give them a shout-out here on Publishing Talk, and list them in the Events section.

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