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Social media – the pros and cons for writers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social media has been key to Emily Benet’s success as a writer. Her first book, Shop Girl Diaries, started life as a blog; her second, The Temp, as a serialised novel posted online; and her latest, #PleaseRetweet, is a comedy about social media obsession. Social media is a wonderful tool for writers – but it has pitfalls too. The key is to use it, and not let it use you, as she reveals in her top pros and cons of social media for writers.

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How Saul Wordsworth took Alan Stoob from Twitter character to published book

Reading Time: 5 minutes Twitter: Huge distraction? Waste of time? Like shouting into an empty field? That’s what Saul Wordsworth used to think. But now his Twitter comedy character Alan Stoob has become a bestselling book, and may become a Hollywood movie. He reveals how he did it – and how you can create your own Twitter character.

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How to Use Twitter to Find a Publishing Job

Reading Time: 4 minutes Looking for a job in publishing? As with all social networking, when it comes to job searching there are some big ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Twitter on its own is unlikely to find you a job: you may see jobs advertised (and you’ll need to respond quickly if you do), but it should be used as the means to finding a job, and your personal marketing tool.
Suzanne Collier of shares her top ten tips for using Twitter for your job search.

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The Publishing Talk Guide to Twitter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Twitter is a vital place to reach readers online and promote your books – but where do you start? The Publishing Talk Guide to Twitter tells you all you need to know to get started with Twitter and make the most of the medium – whether you’re a publisher, author, aspiring author or other book trade professional. Packed with practical advice, tips and real-life examples throughout, this ebook demystifies Twitter and guides you step-by-step to marketing success.

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How Twitter propelled a republished book up the Kindle charts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Amazing things can happen on Twitter if you catch the eye of an ‘influencer’ or two.
Sarah Salway’s Something Beginning With was first published in 2004. Although it had a blog, this was in the days before Twitter, Facebook, and the huge word of mouth possible to achieve with them.
In November 2010 it was republished by the Friday Project. Within a week, it went from nowhere to the top 250 in the Kindle charts. How did this happen?

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Are you too big for social media?

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are natural advantages to being a small, independent publisher when it comes to social media marketing. But, big or small, there’s a social media marketing strategy for you. Just keep it appropriate to your type of organization, make sure you engage your audience, and go for a personal voice – whether that is you and/or your authors.

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Publishing Twitterati Flock Together at the London Book Fair

Reading Time: 3 minutes The publishing Twitterati were out in force at the London Book Fair last night, for London Book Tweet – the official tweetup organised by the London Book Fair and Publishing Talk. Despite a little ash-depletion, 50-odd publishers, authors, agents, journalists, trade association representatives and other book trade folk squeezed a bit of tweeting-up in between ligging drinks at various stands and going on to the Canongate party. Many thanks to all who came, and to those who made it all possible with their creative contributions.

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London Book Tweet – bring on the Twitterwall!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you at the London Book Fair on Tuesday 20th April? If so, there are still places at the London Book Tweet After Party! London Book Tweet is the official tweetup of the London Book Fair, organized jointly by the London Book Fair and Publishing Talk. The publishing Twitterati will be out in force, tweeting, drinking and networking with fellow publishers, authors, agents, journalists and other book industry folk – and we’d love you to join us!

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Small and Mighty

Reading Time: 6 minutes The worst financial crisis in a century, an international banking collapse and global recession: it is enough to make a publisher cry all the way to the bank. But there is a flip side to the doom and gloom: It is possible to thrive — not just survive — in an economic downturn, especially if you are small, flexible and smart.

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