Brexit: What does it mean for the publishing industry?

Reading Time: 15 minutes This year’s London Book Fair featured a panel discussion about the topical issue of the day: “Brexit: Good News or Bad News for the Publishing Industry?” And (spoiler alert) the answer from delegates was a resounding “Bad News” – by a margin of 140-0. But what do you think?

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How to build an effective content strategy

Reading Time: 7 minutes For authors and publishers, content is our bread and butter. But content no longer just mean the products we publish – it also means marketing. So how do we build an effective content strategy? This question was addressed at the 2015 London Book Fair Publishing for Digital Minds Conference.

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Tweeting up at the London Book Fair

Reading Time: 3 minutes It seems a long time since the London Book Fair, doesn’t it? The highlight for me, as ever, was the Publishing Talk / London Book Fair Tweetup. It was bigger than ever this year, with over 100 authors, publishers and other book trade folk mixing and mingling over a well-earned drink after a hard day’s Book Fairing. Here are some images from the night.

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