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social media – the key growth area

One in five marketers now spend more than half their marketing budget online. And the key growth area for the next 12 months is social media.
This is according to a survey released today by the Online Marketing Show, in advance of next month’s conference in London (26-27 June). Here are those social media results in full:

Social media has been the star of the last year and is seen as the key growth area by the majority of the market. It will be a particular focus for the travel industry with 67% of companies saying it will be a key growth area. 73% of travel companies are looking to invest in social media in the next twelve months alongside 54% of marketing agencies, 52% of retailers, 44% of financial services companies and 40% of public sector companies. This rise is even more significant when you consider that currently only 22% of financial services companies and 46% of travel companies currently invest in social media.

What about publishers? A number of them are investing in social media too – but there’s a lot of untapped potential, and a lot more to do.
The Online Marketing Show is a favourite fixture of my conference calendar these days – a great opportunity to pick up on the latest trends and information, meet old friends and make new ones. And it’s free. If you have any interest in online marketing, I’d urge you to pop along and find out more (no, they’re not paying me to say this). Let me know if you’re going, and I might see you there!

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