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Do iPad or do I Kindle? – Part 2

Should authors and publishers publish for the Kindle, the iPad, or something else? Some of the current options are:
– Print – not going away in a hurry
– Publish for the Kindle and iPad via the Amazon Digital Text Platform
– Publish for the iPad via the iBookstore
– Publish via a third party ebook app like Stanza
– Publish via an aggregator like Smashwords, Lulu, Myebook, Issuu
If you are an author, my advice is to write, create accompanying audio and video assets and by the time you are ready to publish, there will be more than one route open to you.

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London Book Fair Digital Conference

Publishers get real about digital as they are told: “This industry doesn’t owe you a living”.
I was lecturing at Birkbek yesterday, on digital publishing, social media marketing – and men in their pants in Basingstoke. For this was the key takeaway message for me at this year’s London Book Fair Digital Conference, which I attended and live-tweeted last weekend: if publishers don’t produce digital content, such as apps, there are plenty of men in their basements in Basingstoke in their pants who will.

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5 killer iPad apps for authors

The iPad delivers something very specific for authors that ereaders don’t: quite simply, it is the ability to write. Will I be getting one? You bet! Will I wait a while? Yes too as I specifically want it to act as my mobile writing toolbox and I want 3G. Also the apps I need aren’t quite yet available in iPad format. So apart from the obvious ability to write, here’s what I plan to use it for and my app shopping list for developers to step up to the plate with – some of which I know are ‘appening!

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The Future of Magazines

Many have seen online magazines and newspapers as a threat to revenues – notably Rupert Murdoch. But what if you could create content and a user experience so compelling that people would willingly pay for it? We’re already seeing signs of this with iPhone apps. The iPad could take things a stage further. I talked about the Minority Report moment on this blog back in 2007. I also said magazines would get there before books. With the iPad, I’d say that moment is pretty much here. And the magazine will be WIRED – coming to an iPad near you this summer.

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Karmic Rights Management

In case you hadn’t realised before the announcement of the Apple iPad in January, this is the decade of the eReader. The publishing industry is going through a similar transition to that of the music industry in the last decade.
In these days when you can publish direct for ereaders like the Kindle, Cool-er and soon the iPad – or just blog a story – what’s to stop anyone stealing and copying your work illegally?

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